Take good care of your goats, and they will take care of you.

Back to basics.

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100% Pure Goat Manure Fertilizer

Healthy goats produce pellet-like manures that are rich in nutrients. The manures are dried out in the sun and then mixed with a compost mixture of coconut husks, fruit and vegetable scraps, garden weeds and green comfrey leaves. No added garden soil is included in the compost.

Benefits Of Goat Manure

Another advantage to using goat manure for fertilizer is the fact that the pelletized droppings allow more airflow into compost piles, which speeds up composting time as well.

Composted manure can add nutrients to the soil, promote healthier plant growth, and increase crop yields without the use of harmful chemicals.


SUPER NUTRIENTS for Adenium (Desert Rose)

100% Pure Goat Manure Fertilizer is On Sale now.
400gm – SGD3.00 (Call us for orders above 400gm)

Trial and tested on our plants in the farm and at home. It grew to SUPER TREES!

– Water twice per week
– Sprinkle some of our goat manure fertilizer
– Full day hot sun
– Consider repotting using ‘ burnt soil’

Please call:
83181205 (Firman)

01118672469 (Hj Amin)


Recyclable VGF Pouch

Introducing our VGF recyclable pouch made from jute also known as “Golden Fibre”. Our eco-friendly substitutes are hand-sewn by our dedicated team.

What is Jute made from?

Jute is a soft, shiny, off-white or brown fiber which comes from plant material. It is spun into strong, coarse threads that are woven into fabric. It is second to cotton in its variety of uses and in the amounts grown.


  • Use as a goat feed bag =)
  • Protective cover for iPad
  • Use as a cosmetic bag
  • Stationary bag
  • Wedding favors (customization is available)
  • Gifts


Price: RM18 / SGD6

Custom Orders

We can also customize the pouch according to your preferred size. No minimum orders required.


Contact us here to place an order.