V. Goat Farm is an expression for a family of city dwellers with a mission to unite with nature in its simplest form – through farming in the countryside. Located about 20km from Tangkak (better known for its proximity to Mount Ophir/Gunung Ledang) exit of the North-South Expressway in Malaysia, we have transformed an otherwise abandoned plot of land to a modern approach of breeding goats – using hydroponics technology as goat feed. Even our Goat Barn is unique and strategically designed to minimize manpower and wastage.

Established in 2014, we are still in the infancy stage of growth but in a few short years we would be looking at producing organic sheep and goat meat, Aqiqah and Qurban services, dendengs, goat fertilizers, health supplements and various assortments of tea leaves, all organic and home-grown with our family’s personal touch and sincerity.

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  1. Hello kak linda! I am with cik mis group that time and would like to express my gratitude in the experience i’ve had. As such from city dwellers, we have little to no experience on how kampong life is all about. Be one with nature and be carefree from everyday busy life in the city is the kind of experience i like. Nyeheh!

    This is my first time i ever touch a sheep’s wool and my goodness, it is very thick and rough but the best part is bathing the sheeps! Awesome!

    I’ve also been told to give feedback on the experience and ways of improvements. For the rooms which is located at the back, do add in more fans cos during the day, it will get very humid. The other two store rooms can be coverted to a makeshift room too for visitors! 🙂

    The hydroponics which was mention…i suggest it can be place outside with a black net acting as a shade and the tubes running below it. Plants do need a fresh of air. Hehehe! Oh oh, i love flowers and roses is one of them. Do plant them more! I know it is hard to take care of roses but its worth of the blooming flowers. Also, a suggestion to identify the plants is placing a small tag like names written. Dont need to be so scientific. A simple one would do. 😉 have more chickens and chicks! Weee!

    Nonetheless stargazing is awesome! Sg is unlucky in terms of stars.

    Nonetheless we will definitely come back and help out! Peace! Oh yes, not to forget. We do need lights but not those bright lights u see in sg. Those lit by oil should the trick. Its staying true to the kampong lifestyle. 😊

  2. Hi Shikin!

    This is just the kind of constructive feedback that we would really appreciate. Feedbacks like this can help VGF to grow and improve. We have noted EVERYTHING that you have mentioned and will definitely implement on some of your suggestions.

    Till the next time we see you~ Take care now. Thanks Shikin!

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